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Audit Services Done by Experts to Enhance Business Performance and Value

An independent and objective examination of financial statements is an effective means for businesses to assure stakeholders about the accuracy and fairness of the transaction information they hold and present. Auditing, which is what the process is referred to, is an undertaking that no business should refrain from. After all, it can help reduce exposure to risks and resolve problems that are holding a business back from moving forward.

Although an audit can be done internally by employees, it is always best to have auditors outside of the business to conduct the process. This is to validate the financial reports provided to stakeholders and avoid conflict of interest in the state of a business’s financial affairs.

Accounting Connexions delivers proactive audit services that your business can use to provide assurance over its financial information and reports and identify potential flaws in its internal controls. Our auditors conduct the process following set industry standards and using appropriate D&A routines. This allows us to provide unbiased opinion pertaining to the financial statements and internal controls of client businesses and offer recommendation to board, executives and other key stakeholders.

Statutory Audit

All businesses have the responsibility to provide their stakeholder with accurate and complete information of its financial position. This is to give them the assurance that funds are handled properly and are being allocated where they should be and that proper filings have been made by the business to the relevant agencies. Take note that a statutory audit is not an indication that a business has done something wrong. In fact, it is used to help businesses prevent fund mismanagement, which can affect their finances and credibility.

Accounting Connexions’s statutory audit services are founded on objectivity, transparency, and standardised methodology. Our auditors are well informed about audit and financial reporting regulatory requirements and are also trained in the use of proven audit methodology, allowing us to effectively examine the financial records of businesses, including their profits, expenses and investment returns. We cater our statutory services to banks and investment firms, insurance companies, public companies and certain not-for-profit organisations.

Through our audit services we are able to help clients of varied structures, scopes and sizes deliver confidence in their stakeholders and also gain appropriate perspectives about their financial reporting activities that they can use to make informed decisions.

Internal Controls Audit

Internal controls are a key aspect of corporate risk management and governance. All businesses need to implement some form of internal controls to ensure financial reporting reliability and operational effectiveness and efficiency, prevent fraud, and foster accountability.

Regular audit of internal controls is necessary to determine if weaknesses exist on a business’s governance and accounting processes that can be exploited for malicious gains. It is also meant to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Accounting Connexions provides comprehensive audit services that target internal controls. We rely on the expertise of our audit team in addressing the most complex components of internal controls, including control environment and activities, risk assessment, information and communication and monitoring. We make sure to use proven audit methodology together with premier tools and technologies to provide objective assessment on the effectiveness of a client’s internal controls.

Due Diligence Audit

Before getting involved in a financial transaction or entering into an agreement with another party, it is a must for a business to do due diligence. Basically, this is a process of carefully investigating a prospective investment to fully know the facts surrounding it. In the case of a merger and acquisition, due diligence is conducted to see the complete financial situation of a business, making sure that there are no hidden liabilities that may affect the finances of other involved parties.

Accounting Connexions can assist your business in carrying out a due diligence audit so the outcomes you are aiming for will materialise. Our specialist team of auditors focuses on determining possible legal and financial risks associated with a potential investment or business. Using a systematic analysis method, we comb through financial and commercial information that include financial statements, projections, operational redundancies, possible litigation, third-party relationships, and regulatory compliance, just to name a few.

We always customise our due diligence audit services according to client’s requirements. That way, we can generate a complete picture of risks and opportunities, which they can then use to decide how they should go about with a transaction or agreement.

Through our range of audit services, we can help you provide the right level of assurance to stakeholders, which should greatly enhance the value and performance of your business. Moreover, we can guarantee you:

  • Better quality decisions
  • Improved risk protection
  • Ongoing regulatory compliance
  • Resolution of financial and commercial issues
  • Access to opportunities
  • Drive business growth

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